How to ride with Reby
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Download the Reby App
Find our app on iOS and Android to get started.
Find icon
Find your scooter
Look for your nearest Reby Scooter on the map. It will be close by!
Scan icon
Unlock with your phone
Scan the QR code and the electric scooter is yours to ride.
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Park in an authorized space
Check the map and park your scooter in one of the places indicated. Don't block pathways! It's easy!
Smile for the last mile
Don't get stuck parking your car miles from your office, or in a part of town with no metro station. Pick up a Reby near you and get where you need to go quickly and easily.
Working with the community
We're passionate about collaborating with cities and making them more fun places to move around in. Let's improve air quality and personal mobility together.
Safe Reby = happy Reby!
Helmet icon
Wear a helmet, you're breakable!
Law icon
Don't be a Reby rebel, ride safely on the roads
Park icon
Play nice and don't block public walkways when parking
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Pavements are for walking, roads and bike lanes are for riding